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As a professional contractor who has been responsible for construction of electrical and ELV systems in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, An Phat M&E understands the relationship of the quality of equipment, the performances and the suitable condition of the budget for procurement items in the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) section of any project.

We are proud to be the unit specializing in consulting for the appropriate design and construction solutions. Moreover, An Phat M&E is a full-line supplier of genuine equipment from the top manufacturers of the world.

• Featured services:

Electric power system

  1. Electro-dynamic power system: is the main power supply system for power consumers such as civil and industrial projects, including:
    • ⁃ Medium-voltage cabinets, medium voltage lines, 22kV/0.4kV transformers and main switch boards (MSB).
    • ⁃ Transformer stations, measurement cabinets, electricity meters, medium voltage and low voltage cables.
    • ⁃ Submain Power Supply systems supply power for motors, production, living, etc., and can also have Automatic Voltage Regulator System (ARV).
    • ⁃ Electrical Socket outlet system
  2. Lightning protection system: includes: grounding system, grounding rod, test box, spark-gap transmitter, lightning conductor, lightning protection, lightning collecting needle
  3. Backup Generator System: Including: generator, oil tank, oil pump system, oil supply pipe, ATS cabinet, synchronized cabinet. UPS battery backup system for the 01 type load carriers such as hospitals, telecommunications information centers, parliament houses, etc.

Extra Low Voltage System (ELV)

  1. BMS/BAS-Building Management System/Building Automation System
  2. Private Automatic Branch Exchange system(PABX)
  3. Internal data network (LAN, WAN) and backbone
  4. Closed-circuit television System (CCTV)
  5. Public audio system (PA)
  6. Access Control System
  7. Fire Alarm System
  8. Intercom System:
  9. Satellite, Cable and Internet Television systems (MATV, CATV, IPTV)
  10. Lighting control system

Design standards:

  1. AS
  2. BSI
  3. IEC
  4. CIBSE
  5. TCVN